The Next Step

I am going to add something important to the logical discourse of the world at some point during this post because all the people that watch these words think something is coming that will do something for them. People are greedy and want to be pleased with what they interpret. The only case I have is to believe in myself. This play is for service to the great kind of spirits because all the other ones need me to belong to happiness.

In case somebody asks me, the key to a happy life is to add to the world. The more one adds to the world the more one will receive but the trick is that you cannot want to get anything back from your work. This doesn’t make economic sense but allows me to feel good about not getting anything in return.

Insanity is this: I have a friend who thinks he is a prophet. If you are reading this you may know him but I guess the whole world has access to this blog so in truth you may not. He asked me to record him rambling on and then transcribe his insights so that he could have his own book in the bible.

I’m pretty sure this is some kind of internal fight he is having with himself where he does not think of himself as important enough just being him, so he needs to be some kind of savior of humanity so that he can be successful. At the same time, he tells me about the problem with false prophets and how he does not care if he has any of the common essences of success.

These thoughts are called schizophrenigenic, I believe. If someone else was doing this to him it would drive him insane but because he is doing it to himself he just thinks he is a prophet. This is what happens when someone lives without checks and balances, creating worlds within worlds that haunt the meth-addled mind.

Insanity is also this: I think that people want to read my notions and that I am going to be able to create some kind of life out of my knowledge and inspiration. This is not reality. In the real world, I need to fill a need, not just do something that I love to do and hope for the best. I will either need to be remarkable and have great insights of madness and hope or do something that makes the world a better place for lots of people. I will need to do a great thing for one person for lots of money or something of lesser value for a lot of people.

So who is in better shape today? My friend the sometimes prophet is doing well, it seems. He seems like he is happy with the world of the bible and such, but he often interrupts me when I am relating to something I read with some self-centered notion about something inane. At the same time, I am not doing anything of value and think that we are all one guy repeating over and over again. I read somewhere that this is narcissism.

So perhaps we are both narcissists. I don’t know. I think that I have something to add to the public discourse and at least I take the time to listen to his music and read his notes when they do not pertain to me or include me in some way. No, I don’t think I am as bad as he is with this stuff but I think we come from the same sort of web. We are, after all, the same spirit experiencing the world at different points in our existence.


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