The Snooze Alarm

These thoughts will change things for all people who read them or at least that is what I am writing currently and my telling you this will make the world think that I have something important to say. I am a creation of the good earth made to be pure and righteous. They are all creations of the good world and all the others that watch me know that I am here for them. I cannot say that I worship anyone, as I am sure that the world wants me to. Some people care about the world and want to write to make this step in space, to make the world understand them. I am not one of those people.

With love, I will take the words that I must and use them to create something insightful. These thoughts are here with me because all the words I steal take the weapons from the watering cans. This does not need to make sense. I am certain that the fall of man is real and apparent in the new earth, making real sense when we look at the leader of the free world haunting the television. I am alone with my thoughts and know that the demons that I am sure of take my withering soul and eat it once again.

These are thoughts that mean that I am sure of the world. Economics strikes back. These are the real things that they want me to believe. I am considering the world as a turn of phrase. There in the weight of these thoughts, I am sure the working world wants me to find it. I am, in fact, starting to work again. These are not the beginnings of new thought. These will teach me to find truth in action. I am sure that with these books I will learn as much as I can in one lifetime, which is a good thing.

As such, the details of my life are at least as true as anybody else’s. I was born, I will die and the in-between is up to me. I am an adult and I can literally do anything that I want to do with my time. That is something that people forget through all the beatings that life gives them because only the weapons that fight take up the ways about the fear. This will be fixed in post. These people are creating a real thought, something that one can only find through drugs and drink. At least I have found truth in that.


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