The Snooze Alarm

These thoughts will change things for all people who read them or at least that is what I am writing currently and my telling you this will make the world think that I have something important to say. I am a creation of the good earth made to be pure and righteous. They are all creations of the good world and all the others that watch me know that I am here for them. I cannot say that I worship anyone, as I am sure that the world wants me to. Some people care about the world and want to write to make this step in space, to make the world understand them. I am not one of those people.

With love, I will take the words that I must and use them to create something insightful. These thoughts are here with me because all the words I steal take the weapons from the watering cans. This does not need to make sense. I am certain that the fall of man is real and apparent in the new earth, making real sense when we look at the leader of the free world haunting the television. I am alone with my thoughts and know that the demons that I am sure of take my withering soul and eat it once again.

These are thoughts that mean that I am sure of the world. Economics strikes back. These are the real things that they want me to believe. I am considering the world as a turn of phrase. There in the weight of these thoughts, I am sure the working world wants me to find it. I am, in fact, starting to work again. These are not the beginnings of new thought. These will teach me to find truth in action. I am sure that with these books I will learn as much as I can in one lifetime, which is a good thing.

As such, the details of my life are at least as true as anybody else’s. I was born, I will die and the in-between is up to me. I am an adult and I can literally do anything that I want to do with my time. That is something that people forget through all the beatings that life gives them because only the weapons that fight take up the ways about the fear. This will be fixed in post. These people are creating a real thought, something that one can only find through drugs and drink. At least I have found truth in that.


The Next Step

I am going to add something important to the logical discourse of the world at some point during this post because all the people that watch these words think something is coming that will do something for them. People are greedy and want to be pleased with what they interpret. The only case I have is to believe in myself. This play is for service to the great kind of spirits because all the other ones need me to belong to happiness.

In case somebody asks me, the key to a happy life is to add to the world. The more one adds to the world the more one will receive but the trick is that you cannot want to get anything back from your work. This doesn’t make economic sense but allows me to feel good about not getting anything in return.

Insanity is this: I have a friend who thinks he is a prophet. If you are reading this you may know him but I guess the whole world has access to this blog so in truth you may not. He asked me to record him rambling on and then transcribe his insights so that he could have his own book in the bible.

I’m pretty sure this is some kind of internal fight he is having with himself where he does not think of himself as important enough just being him, so he needs to be some kind of savior of humanity so that he can be successful. At the same time, he tells me about the problem with false prophets and how he does not care if he has any of the common essences of success.

These thoughts are called schizophrenigenic, I believe. If someone else was doing this to him it would drive him insane but because he is doing it to himself he just thinks he is a prophet. This is what happens when someone lives without checks and balances, creating worlds within worlds that haunt the meth-addled mind.

Insanity is also this: I think that people want to read my notions and that I am going to be able to create some kind of life out of my knowledge and inspiration. This is not reality. In the real world, I need to fill a need, not just do something that I love to do and hope for the best. I will either need to be remarkable and have great insights of madness and hope or do something that makes the world a better place for lots of people. I will need to do a great thing for one person for lots of money or something of lesser value for a lot of people.

So who is in better shape today? My friend the sometimes prophet is doing well, it seems. He seems like he is happy with the world of the bible and such, but he often interrupts me when I am relating to something I read with some self-centered notion about something inane. At the same time, I am not doing anything of value and think that we are all one guy repeating over and over again. I read somewhere that this is narcissism.

So perhaps we are both narcissists. I don’t know. I think that I have something to add to the public discourse and at least I take the time to listen to his music and read his notes when they do not pertain to me or include me in some way. No, I don’t think I am as bad as he is with this stuff but I think we come from the same sort of web. We are, after all, the same spirit experiencing the world at different points in our existence.

A Blog That Discusses This:

Yes, there is hope… She wanted me to write that.

I can believe in Christmas. The world wants me to belong to good nature, being a being of pure light as such. I am certain the world wants me to be good. I love goodness and being kind. The light is on as the water watches from near the shore. I am concerned with the weapons. These “water curses” belong to the good ones who want to be souls and written words crying from beyond the meditation and with happy dreams. I do not belong. I am concerned with the written word.

The light is on because that is me. I am the one who watches from near the shore. There is no concern with my path written as happy and without fame. I do not disclose the purity, ebbing like the dreaming water – a path none are to belong to when I watched and I waited for a kindness-based pain. I do not know my name.

I am concrete and destroyed. They have nothing mistaken for me, written like the decent word. I want to belong. I am happy to believe in happiness. I love being a person made for writing and mighty with the sun. They believe in me, which is just what I need this Christmas. I am a being of pure light. Might I go grab another vodka and get simply wasted? Should I drink water at least until I do not want to feel dripping white light anymore? Enough is enough.

I must be looking for the insights of something like dreamlike wondering. I love her so much, she is the outward experience of my dreams and logic. I want to belong to happiness with her and know that all is well while I wire thoughts to the ether. There is hope there because all the weapons are belonging to happiness. These paradoxes haunt my work.

I am no Christmas whore. These debt-bubble deniers are governing the painful sorts. These are the old ones, made of vodka and orange juice, like the one that is making when I become that little thought that makes me that unconscious absolute everybody. I am pure of heart and know that these cracks are assuring me that only the spilling over downturns my magic. I am sure that it is a beautiful Christmas. It has snowed, which is nice.

Love watches from the ether like I said before. This whole thing will be renounced soon and we will be happy for the change of space. We are members of space, you know. I am sure trouble is at hand. If we walk forever these watchers need me to have a waiting light, space between their minds and the trouble with the shining look, but more righteously with aid for the phase. There is nothing to it because all these words are legitimate. These ahead are nothing of my face and righteous thought. I do not want to learn that I have screwed the pooch on this one. I want to know that we are doing good. It will love me to be loved.

I must make up the rest of space in this light.

There is hope because we must have space. They watch me from the sidelines like they want to be me. I am not sure that the little ones understand. Kindly, I tell them that the water is watching and these little lights must find me, kindly because I am drinking in a Boston Pizza at night somewhere in the nation’s capital. There is nothing to it, I am swearing by the cause. There is nothing to me, light upon the wretched. This is not income honestly earned.

I love her, but I need to watch these people. They do not understand. I want to be calm and kind, as only the weapons they sent become their hope. I want to understand. I cannot because the blind humerus needs me to modestly title my moderation a lack of sense of fun. I’m sure that is true, but it is something that comes from deep longing. I cannot continue to drink this vodka… I must edit my work.

Love and the Attached Manias

This piece is about the peace of the sky. It is something that will be a belief of our own people that is signed and delivered by myself and the water that I bring. In reality, the water I bring is mixed with coffee, cream, and hot chocolate mix in hopes that I can make her smile. This is the key to my life but not the way to have any sort of true revelation. I need to find some internal clock that tells me the truth.

I am believing that I am not alone, yet the pain inside is converting our happy minds into solid masses of painful light. I want to believe in love because I think I have actual love in my life. It is not always on the up and up, right? Everything that is up must come down, if only just for a little while.

This is the key to happiness, though everything wants me to longingly look in her eyes with kind thoughts. I love her madly and must do something to make her life good because these thoughts are idle without the suffering that surrounds everyday existence. I really want to be a good influence on her and treat her without the troubles of my mind.

The kind and sheltered thoughts that are made of wandering eyes and happiness are seeking robots to take it beyond the fuel of minds that cause this shame and trouble. I know this is a wild thought. This makes sense to me, though I should be making breakfast and not typing wildly into this machine. The truth is that there is happiness within these walls and I should know that I bring that kind of thought to both of us. I must do something to become the righteous leader of this kind of happiness.

There is nothing more to it because all these thoughts are the ones that belong to me. I have no outside influence right now, just the buzzing sound of some meditation music and the lack of funds to buy real groceries today. We need to realize that we are lucky because we have everything that we need here with us if we look really hard into that soft, soft light.

This is the life we choose to live. It is the kind that is separate from reality, within which we are seeking to find good luck and kindness through good-natured respect for each other. There is nothing more to add, I think. It is just laughing goodness that comes in time.

She wants to laugh with me but I am too serious to learn of that connection. I want to be good to her and treat her the way she wants to be treated but I have too often been inconsiderate of her in many ways. I want to laugh with her because it allows us to connect in many ways but I have this nagging thought that if I watch too much comedy on television I won’t learn enough. I need to realize that it is all part of the same tree. These are both branches of reality. One needs to take a break from the depressing thoughts that haunt me daily.

The cool breeze makes me learn that out in the real world there are people who are not in the good shape that we are. I am concerned with the desire to belong to happiness, as happiness is fleeting and never stays for long. I should want to belong to some kind of real truth, something in the now in which I can remain for the rest of the time I have here. I want to be able to communicate properly so that I can tell her how I feel about her. I love that woman and I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I hope she knows that I feel this way. I am not the best verbal communicator. I am working on that.

I love the fact that I can explain in torrents these strange executions of thought but still lack the capacity to understand how the world works or what it is to mean to me. These notes are for that. These are the weapons that I discuss with my waves of trust and happiness. I love the world and all I have in it. I love that woman and I want her to be happy. I want to be one of the people who makes her happy. It is impartial and distinct, leaving no one the sirens of painful memories. I hope that this can make some kind of sense to the world. I hope that we can belong to happiness.

Noteworthy Media

I wanted to have a serious blog, but most of what I write looks like the following paragraphs. I think it is quite serious, but am made of light and love, and not followed by those that watch me and wait. There is nothing to it, the words below are found by wandering and fighting for the leaders of the farcical world. There is nothing to it.

Belong to peace and love.

“Love, by chance, flies in every direction, but only because I am here and we are happy. This is the best thought I have ever decided to have, and later I will discuss the details. The note is, for now, at least a better world. These are the whole waiters – those limited nonsensical thoughts that watch for hope and peace to leave us. I am sure they watch because I am here with them in meditation. There is nothing for us. I am sure the world is wanting this article.

These are the days they want me to have, those people in every direction that watch me wistfully and laugh at my endeavors. There is a way here, without those words I send into the ether that watch me with worlds (and mighty hope) on my mind. I am sure that the whole world is pretending that there is something to it all. There is obviously nothing for us. I am concerned with the weapons. The weapons are my words. The words are my world. I must change my name, but no, I must stay with the one I have used until now because it is still now. I can belong to that one.

I am sure that we are acting with upheaval and trust. These are the best thoughts, the best weapons for learning and finding the many actual truths. These days are here because the water has to wait. It waits because it cannot fall from the heavens, because all the thoughts I have are only those of mine, and not to be shared to save the world for the life of each of us. These days are here with me because I must belong to my actual, righteous and reasonable self. There is nothing within his words, I am sure. He does not actually mean what he thinks he is saying.

Are we in the world but not of it, or are we are of the world but not in it? That is the key to a happy life, that disassociation that must bring real or imagined happiness. When I do not care I find actual good within myself, it is the reality that one is here trying to be there and there trying to be here in equal measure. There is nothing to it, because with the other ones I am sure that the armed insurrections that haunt our past belong to good nature and the idea that we can do better. We must organize our minds this way because all that is in here is made of us.

This is absurd, but inevitable. There is always going to be hope, of course. Hope is just the lack of something good happening in our lives when there is the opportunity for something good to happen.

These are the ways of happiness, I think, that essential mass of waves that cause and bring hope to the world. These are the weapons that we have as professional revolutionaries. I haven’t been learning as much as I should be since I have last left the positive notions on this blog, but I am married to the word as most writing scribes to be. These are the waiting cars, these motions of farce, little elves with cantor and disassociation.

There is nothing to it. These waiting cares take my money. These are the better of me because all the sources are full of shit. There is a worry that is better than the world. There is a worry as I am of this world as much as you are. These are the ways that must be because with them I am sure I haunt the realms of fantasy as well. We must because we are truthful and belong to light and love. These are the weapons of the farce, better that than those that belong with the ulcers and district learners who refuse to lead.

This is shake up because it must be. This is the logic that leads me to learn about the real world. These waiting words take me to a happiness. There is the thought, I can chase it with happiness. There is only truth left to spell because the water wants me to longingly look into it. These watchers take their elves. There are happiness and hope, we are the watchers noting that only the shift in space that takes me really takes me anywhere. I am unsure about my logic in this world. These weapons are made for it. My real weapons are the words. These are the days are therefore the water waits. I wait because it doesn’t have another option. It waits because it must.”

The Important Thing to Remember

I once had a philosopher tell me, “Write drunk, edit sober.”

I also once had a voice in my head tell me, “It’s media, you know – me to ya.”

This blog is not like that. This is the end product of the totality of my knowledge, which is something that makes me want to drink because it seems I know too much. I’ve looked in the eyes of the fiat currency and lost my way. I used to believe that money was an actual thing. I do not believe in that reality anymore. These thoughts haunt me as it nears midnight and all I know is that I spent the last 6 years writing garbled nonsense in my journal and working in a damn feild. These thoughts will haunt you, too. It is because there is nothing that we know that is actually real. All these ideas are created by people, and influenced by those who came before us. Not only is it impossible to come up with a truly imaginative thought, it appears to be impossible to have an actual thought. Don’t let my depression curb your interest. That wouldn’t be good for either of us.

To be a responsible adult, I want to act like an economist to add to the public discourse. I want to fill this blog with convincing arguments to love your brothers and sisters. I want to make something that chases the leaders around and holds them accountable to the freaks. I want to fight for the harmless freaks. It is important to fight for all freedoms to do all the weird stuff you want. There is always a way to cure any fetish (secular or religious) in a righteous way that benefits all those who come near it.

The freaks are generally oppressed. It is apparent in the class of citizen that they are. They are not the archetype that is claimed to be the way. They are smart. I assume they don’t hate anyone. They know that the light is within them, and righteously we must wake to their happiness. Not everyone moves at the same pace, nor to the beat of the same drum. Be smart. They don’t hate anyone.

On Sunday November 20th, 2016 I was watching CNN, some press conference with which Obama was droning on and making jokes, until he knocked on wood. I understand it is just a phrase, but it seemed to make him more human. You know, I too believe in great forces. That cat is a terrific bullshitter, and I think a good kind of president, barring the hundreds of thousands of people his forces killed with remote controlled planes. I think he probably killed fewer people than those Bush’s, because I think they were a little more recklessly genocidal.

I suppose this is the thing I want to say. There are plenty of people who are watching these folks do this, but very few of them that refuse to toe the line. Many people were like me that day, in fact, some would say the whole world was watching. This is a basic principle of democracy.

Everyone wants the basic inalienable truths. They want themselves and their immediate family to be safe and fed. There are millions of people who want to be an archetype of some fantasy person that they think is the best kind of person. The only variation is between what type of person they think is the best kind of person to be. I am a certain kind of person, trying to emulate people that I respect. All the other people are trying to do the same.

Taking drugs and drinking is not necessarily the best thing to do with ones time, I understand that, but there I was with my notebook watching Obama’s press conference and having these insights. This is the life of a strange artist and writer, something that I decided long ago I was going to be with my adult life. I’m not sure what to think. I can change the world, but this is an abstract notion based in my ego. If I write something important, then it only takes $100 to print a bunch of copies of the booklet and send it out into the world. This allows us to add to the public discourse. The world needs help, that I know for sure. Never give up. And I have an idea! It’s this, called “Drunkenly Watching the News.” I am creating this blog because my other blog is mostly filled with mania and absent ramblings. The link that will send you there is somewhere on this blog, I’m sure.

The tiring and tricky thing while watching that press conference was that Obama was using the phrase “World Order” like he has no idea that is a triggering word for the maniacs and troubled souls that are afraid the government are a bunch of reptiles from space digging up the grand canyon to build the moon and help them create a slave race on Mars for some reason. It is all insane. I understand that the phrase means the world as it works today – democracy that allows these people to elect a wing-nut like Trump, a free press that lets any idiot write manic pages about slave races on Mars that he has no way of actually knowing about, open markets that allow me to sell insane ideas in the streets, welfare states that support us when we decide not to work or are psychically unable to, the whole mess of capitalism and the greed it fosters, human rights and all the good they have done for everyone, public health care that allows me to drink and smoke heavily for 15 years until I switch to the apparently better but not tested vape pen, and development of the world including the internet that you are finding these strange words on. This is not a bad thing. The modern world is a great place for me, anyways. I would rather be alive now than basically any other time in human history, as far as I know. I once read a book about how the world is safer than it has ever been. I mean honour killings are way down, people in this part of the world can fuck whoever they feel like fucking, people have the entirety of human education in their pockets most of the time. There is lots to be thankful for.

Now let us hope and pray that Trump makes the world better. I suppose only time will tell. I mean, any of the people that I know who support that guy don’t believe the mass media, but believe those crazed ramblings that they see online. I’m living proof that anyone can write whatever they want and put the words online. Trump pandered to the uneducated, so that means, the people who are not interested in educating themselves. I should add here that there is no way that guy was so successful without some kind of education, whether it was learning on his own time or some kind of college certificate. I only know one guy who refuses to educate himself in any way, and he hears the voices of God in his head, he claims. They guide him to make his decisions, though he often discusses things out of thin air that are simply not happening in my world. I’ve got mental troubles, don’t get me started on those, but in truth the most important decision I ever made was to educate myself through the use of reading and writing and listening to audiobooks and courses that I can find online. Again, the entirety of human knowledge is at your fingertips at any time of the day. That is really all you need, right?

We cannot pretend that Trump wasn’t elected, even though people all over the world want to be transported to another dimension of some kind. We must not disassociate. Reality is coming to get us, I am sure. There is a whole world that wants us to save it. We can drink and eat candy as much as we can handle, but the reality is there is a whole world around us, watching everything we do. Trump is going to get in trouble, I am sure. This isn’t going to happen slowly, it will be a small snowball rolling along until it has gathered enough grass to make serious trouble. They will get rid of him when he is causing major troubles for the elite, but why would he do that? He is not an outsider, he is one of the richest men in the world. That is the main thing I do not understand about these supporters. How is he one of you? Besides being racist and misogynistic, I don’t see any similarities. Anyways, if you read this far, maybe you can send me a comment on why Trump is the best guy for this job. I’m intensely curious why people voted for him. Perhaps this is the Berenstain universe, as opposed to the Berenstein universe that I grew up in. That would explain this whole thing.